Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My next Game

It's been a while, but I am working on another game. I will try to inform you of it's progress.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Play my game! It's called Crystal Puncher!
It's a download link, just so you know. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Here's my reflections, because I really should've finished them way back.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Monday, January 7, 2013

Genuis Hour Reflection

Genius Hour Reflection

Teacher Comments
Blog to log process- good idea.

* Surprised- thought it would be more "dynamic" (Games are fun! Exciting!) initial appearance- not just black and white (?)

Orally- all are reading, no eye contact, most expressive voice

Jarrod- some eye contact- but also rocking side to side

Game Maker- Jarrod getting more confident
Jadyn- Visual - hard to see - Black against starry night

Johnny - trouble generating ideas

Need to test
realistic for timeframe
Attack of the Burgers - Can't see it so describing orally

Rehearse for presentation - timing + transitions

Alayna - Crystal Puncher -"girl power" (Hey!)

Jarrod- interesting
adrome on proven game

Biggest trouble - rehearsing + transition - smooth - for presentation


The Situation:

We are all interested in video games and we have always wondered how to design and program one. As well as designing a website to post the games on. We think this is important to our stakeholders because they might have wanted to make a game as well.


To design games and to make a website/blog to post them on. The end product should be a website with playable games.


We are planning on making games to post on a website/blog. We think our stakeholders will be interested because they might also be interested in the process of making games themselves.

What We Intend To Do:

We intend to show our stakeholders how to design/make video games & websites as well as improve our own understanding. We will mostly be using the GameMaker program, we might also be using a few programming languages like XNA if we have time..

Approaches to learning
Human Ingenuity

  1. The project should be finished in 4~~~~6 weeks.
  2. Most of the games should be made with GameMaker.
  3. There should be a website/blog to share the process and the games.
  4. There should be 3~6 games made & posted on the website.
  5. The games should be playable and fun.
  6. The games should be either posted on the website or able to be downloaded on the website.
  7. Describe the genres of the games, how they were created.

Google spreadsheet


How to make a website (html, website hosting, ect...).
How to use paths in GameMaker(pathfinding).

Get Gamemaker: Studio
My Reflection

I think me and my group met all the specifications and criteria we made other than the finishing in 4-6 weeks part.

As for my expectations for myself I think I  exceeded them; My game turned out better than I thought it would, and I was proud of the part of the speech I did.

My group worked really well together in terms of giving feedback, problem solving, and pushing each other to work outside of class/staying on task.

1.The biggest obstacle me and my group had was problem solving. When making a game anything can go wrong. One example is Jadyn(A member of the group) was having trouble with his character getting stuck in the floor.

2.There was also the problem of communication sometimes, this didn’t happen often but a member would forget to check their email or our blog when someone needed help.

3.It was extremely difficult to practice the presentation since we couldn’t get together so there was lots of downtime to set up for the presentation.

To avoid these problems we would:

1. We would meet up in the library at lunch, or post on the blog our suggestions, unfortunately you can’t avoid these problems.

2.The next day we would ask them the question, and ask them to check their email and the blog. Sadly this is also a problem you can’t avoid.

3.We couldn’t address this problem, but to avoid it next time I would see if the group could get together weekly(work on project/presentation/rehearse)

Lastly in order to improve the process I think I would log more in depth, and for the presentation I would get done earlier so I could practice more, so I wouldn’t have to look at my cue cards as often.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

guys need gravity fix, cpu fix, attack button, heath bar, cpu need to be able to attack main charater and the charaters keeps on getting stuck

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Genius Hour Project

Genius Hour Project

What is your project about?

Our project is about making games with Game Maker, we are helping each other when we have problems with our games.

Why did it appeal to you?

It appealed to us because we wanted to figure out how to make games. We have always been  interested in games and have always wondered how to make the games that we see.

Content and skills
The skills include:
      •     Programing (To allow things such as movement into the game)
      •     Art (Sprite Making)
      •     Creating a log to show process (Our blog)
      •     Problem Solving (You can get many errors while creating the game)
      •     Math (Graph, x, y, speeds)

Where are you now?

We are at the point where we are all almost done our games, we are logging our progress on our blog.

I’m doing well on my genius hour project. I have a free play mode complete with moving enemies, allies and a scoring system to allow you to either win or lose. You can also test your skills in free play by decreasing your amount of allies and increase your opponents’ amounts; or vice versa. I have a save system too. This includes 2 different kinds of saving, story and free play. Speaking of the story, I have started my story. This only includes 2 levels, but I now where it’s going to go as well as what I need to do to get there. I should be done by this week or over the weekend.
- Jarrod

Well, I am doing well on my Genius Hour project. I have created most of the sprites, and most of the backgrounds are finished. I like to write in Comic Sans because it makes people cry. I’ve had a few problems here and there, but I am doing well so far. My game is called “Crystal Puncher”, because it is a game where you punch crystals. Simple! If you’d like more information, check my page on our blog. It has more information there.
Thank you!                                                                                                            -Alayna

I’m doing well on my genius hour project, I finished 1 game, Cat&Mouse, where there are orange blocks(CATS), and You,the mouse(GREY BLOCK). You are trying to avoid the cat, but cats spawn(appear) every few second, and more and more spawn until you lose. Your score goes up every second, and every 50 second, a cheese spawns, which gives you an extra life.

My second game is Attack of the Burgers. There is a McDonald box on the top of the screen, and it constantly spawns burgers out of it. The Burgers, if it is on top of you, pushes you down. There are Pop (Soda) on the bottom, if you touch it, you lose. I finished making the burger, McDonalds, and the player. I still have to do the collisions and the Pop, but i am pretty much done.

When i finish this game, i plan on messing with HTML5, because if you do it that way, you can play it on ANYTHING as long as you have a browser, and Internet connection.
- Johnny, the master of masters

Right now in my game I have done much of the basic things but I still need to fix some of my characters attributes so that he can attack the enemies, stop getting stuck in places, going through walls and have a health bar. My enemies still have no gravity so the float also I need to make them attack my character. I also need need to make a boss to fight at the end of the level. There will be only one level in my game because it is my first one but if i make another game it will probably be more advanced.

- Jadyn
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If you’d ever use Game Maker to create your own game
What would a good way to present be?

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